Character Synopsis

Lead Civ Portal Keeper
Antagonist Giffen Other-Worlder
Side Kick Gabriel Angel Ref: his trumpet will herald the end of days | Other-Worlder
G Unit Members Groman Muscle Man | Other-Worlder
Gaito Japanese infliction | Other-Worlder
Guffey Homosexual | Other-Worlder
Mother Alkmene (Name mean: Herakles Mother) | Coven Witch
Step- Sister 1 Adelaide Oldest | Coven Witch
Step- Sister 2 Scotia 2nd Oldest | Coven Witch
Step- Brother Idzi 2nd Youngest | Coven Witch
Bio Father Harvey Portal Keeper | Trains Civ
Step- Father Jeremy Alkmene’s husband | Father of Adelaide, Scotia, Idzi. Coven Ministerial Bureaucracy.

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