Main 3 Xter GMC’s.


LEAD – Civ

Motivation:     Pride – I am physically strong; intellectually superior to Other-Worlders.

Conflict:        Can I hunt down and kill an Other-Worlder on my own?



  • I need to destroy that which has proven me weak and inferior to Other-Worlders.
  • I can’t do it myself because my persecutor is physically stronger and can hide where I dare not go.
  • I need no distractions from my task as it consumes all of my attention
  • I want to prove I can look after myself.
  • Even though I am human; I am trained well enough to need to prove it.
  • I don’t like to be seen as weak or inferior to those that I “work” with.

Act One    In denial of my abilities and the truth that I can’t do this myself.

Act Two   Anger | Can’t cross the portal to Other-World; anger at needing to bring in G Unit to help.

                  Despair |  Physical Conflict:      Portal Crossing.

Emotional Conflict:    Have to see my family.

Sacrifice | Need G Unit’s help and protection.

Act Three Accept the help; move across the portal. Hunt rapist.


Character Description

Physical    5’10”. Long Brunette wavy hair. Green eyes. Muscular in frame.

Tattoos: one continuous black straight line from middle finger tips, up under the arm, across the chest (importantly passing over the heart). Has no ink tattoo outlining all chakra points.

Emotional  Civ is very determined. Has a hard set of rules about right & wrong. Has been bred to be a portal keeper from birth which is seen as a heroic job and she doesn’t want to shame her father.

Backstory Has been bred to be a portal keeper; trained from aged 6 in martial arts; age 10 in only portal keeper witchery; aged 17 in combat. She completed a 5 year apprenticeship in-field with her biological father and one other apprentice who now works with H Unit.

Civ’s mother (Alkmene) volunteered to birth Civ for her father. Only Portal Keepers can create Portal Keepers; but her father has no family so Civ could not be raised with her father and instead stayed with her mother and her step-family. Civ’s step-father (Jeremy) was eager to be seen to be doing the right thing to aid his career in Witch Bureaucracy and helped created a solid family home for Civ (at the detriment of her other siblings) until Civ went away to apprentice. It was Civ’s discussions with her step-father that begun the sense of what is right & wrong.

SIDE KICK – Gabriel

Motivation:     Good – I will do the ‘good’ thing to my 9th degree.

Conflict:        Kill one of my own.



  • I need to protect Civ and ensure she doesn’t destroy herself.
  • I can’t always affect change in Civ.
  • I need to help Civ produce a ‘good’ outcome.
  • I need to guide and protect Civ in my world.
  • I want to prove to Civ that I am god enough to be her lover.
  • I don’t like to kill anyone as I feel this contradicts choosing ‘good’.

Act One    In denial about the act perpetrated by Giffen. Trying to get enough information from Civ to help her.

Act Two   Anger | Civ trying to do everything herself. Not understanding why Civ can’t accept her inferiority.

                  Despair |  Desperately trying to get Civ to accept help. Anguish at what Giffen did.

Sacrifice | Give up that sometimes killing can be done for the ‘good’ reason.

Act Three Accept the task in killing Giffen is the only righteous thing to do.

GOAL: To aid Civ in her pursuit.

Character Description

Physical    .

Emotional  .

Backstory .


Motivation:     Self preservation – To survive and embrace evil.

Conflict:        Was ‘good’; can’t believe his actions, can’t go back.



  • I need to survive the hunt that is coming my way.
  • I can’t believe I ‘turned’.
  • I need to get through the portal.
  • I want protection from everything coming my way.
  • I don’t like that I’ve turned. I don’t want to die.

Act One    In denial about my change; I don’t automatically head for the portal.

Act Two   Anger | Crossing to the Other-World, need portal keeper> no one will help.

                  Despair |  Physical Conflict:      Portal Crossing.

Emotional Conflict:    Giving up my ‘good’ and accepting ‘evil’.

Sacrifice | Fighting previous den mates.

Act Three Accept I might die.

GOAL: I want ot stay alive and get protection within the Other-World.

Character Description

Physical    .

Emotional  .

Backstory .


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