Purpose of this Shenanigans?

Well, ma’am/ sir… the purpose of this Shenanigans is to continue my writing of this story that keeps leaking from my mind. Plus get it on a medium that isn’t my hard-drive; I am moving this over from another blog at the suggestion of a blogger.

I am a 30 something formally educated writer who likes and writes trash. I can’t stand pretentious fiction nor pretentious writers.

I am a diagnosed depressive so when I’m medicated my writing takes a back burner to any/all feeling; hence the reason why I might go missing.

By the way; if you pick up a spelling mistake then email me 🙂 Grammar mistakes might be on purpose and there will be swearing and generalised naughtiness – so if you’re not over18 then go away.

All writings original and protected under the international copywrite laws. A HellDraft is that first initial draft of a story, the writing that gets the concept to paper & causes the whole process to begin.



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  1. You have something there…keep it going as and when you can.

  2. Cool looking forward to more bring it on.

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