Background Material

Hey people: happy for any help if things appear too incongruous. This ‘Alternative World’ below: crossing into another dimension etc – it all needs to be cohesive and plausible. Anything too far fetched will just look like major laziness.

Background Material


The OtherWorld is an Earth dimension where the denizens evolved very differently to us. The landscape is the same as earth but the ‘cities’ exist underground as the humans are nocturnal. Society is established around War Lord & Tribal dictatorships. Technology has only advance due to the desire to have better weaponry that neighbouring tribes.
With Tribes; some tribes are friendly enough to form alliances especially the ‘good’ tribes.
There are regions of the world; just like ours that have been is dispute for years. All these regions are around one of 8 natural portals. The portals are important because they link to our world and we have an easier lifestyle to steal food and women from.


Urban Warfare; concrete de-construction. There is ‘art’ carved into the walls were the warrior tales have been written. This art sacred to the tribes of the area.


The citizens of the OtherWorld fit into 2 categories: Good and Bad. The Good are established in whole tribes; they fight like our Westernised soldiers. The Bad are generally set up into batches of raiding parties and are want to kidnap, black mail, ambush, and terrorise.
OtherWorlders are quicker, stronger than our humans. They’re not more intelligent but are more intelligent in adaptation and combat than our humans. They have advanced sight in the dark and can communicate via telepathy.
The men are extremely protective of their women and children; as children are often killed on sight and women are kidnapped and forced to bear the children of their rapists. Within allied tribes the women are traded for procreation purposes species; women who ‘turn’ are handed off to Traders.
Traders are people that are unaligned to any tribe; they are delineated by facial tattoos; they will trade anything that will make them money.
Women are only ‘useful’ for cooking and birthing. Birthing is done in home; there are no hospitals are any man not interested in fighting for their leader are demoted to the status of women and used to guard women during gathering of food. Women are often stolen if left alone; they can be stolen by other tribes or Traders who need money.


Until the age of 4 children stay with their families. After the age of 4 they are removed from their families and taught combat skills until the age of approximately 16. At 16 they are usually graduated to soldier/fighter status by an initiation process. All children are taught to write and speak the OtherWorld language which is very difficult for us to speak because OtherWorlder’s have evolved over time with all fangs.


OtherWorlders have little propensity for magic; there are only a very few Shamans within their societies. The Shamans are protected by ‘Good’ soldiers; the very best student every 2 years is sent to the Shaman tribes to protect the Shamans. Almost within the gene that develops the ‘Good’ in the Shaman’s is the magic. However Shaman’s can ‘turn’; usually they are killed but some have gotten away and can open portals at will. But when Shaman’s ‘turn’ they usually go bat-shit crazy.

Our World, the portals & witches

Our world is as normal with little alternatives. The Portals have always exists because of the string theory closeness of our two worlds. Nuclear explosions have damaged the stability of the portals so they now leak magic across both worlds. These leaks allow the little evil creatures through. The little evil creatures are like monkeys on PCP/crystal meth & cocaine. They’re fast, strong and ‘chitter’ therefore are named Chitterlings. They will eat cats, dogs and small children.
Witches have always existed under one name or another. After a massive Chitterling outbreak post-Hiroshima bomb; the subsequent Bad OtherWorlders taking anything not nailed down (incl. women, guns, raiding supermarkets etc) witches were drafter into all international security agencies.
Communication stated with our ‘Good’ OtherWorlders in the 60s after a Portal Keeper reappeared with information about the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ aspect of the portal crossers. Further to this the International Consortium of Witches figured out a way for Portal Keepers to populate portals at will (with massive side affects). This meant that ‘Good’ portals existed for ‘Good’ tribes where they could shelter their women and children as needed. But in exchange our World were allowed to use ‘Good’ Soldiers as Portal Cops; ‘Good’ Soldiers are set up into Units for their own benefit.


There are 8 unites; A through H. So named as all the OtherWorlders who work in the Units are given code names. Each unit is made up of 8 people; 1 witch (Portal Keeper) and 7 OtherWorlders. They live together to maintain that sense of Tribe that the OtherWorlders are used to; they are nocturnal in practise. Their main job is to catch errand ‘Bad’ OtherWorlders and take them back to their tribe. All tribes are aware of these Portal Cops and their considered ‘outsiders’ by everyone. Taking the job of Portal Cop (by the way… I don’t want to use this term ever in the novel except where someone spits it at the Unit) it is known you will be outcast.

Portal Keepers

Portal Keepers are born; creation of the Portal and ability to cross the Portal requires a special type of ‘heart’. They all have the same types of tattoos that run from middle finger-tip up the arm and across the heart then down again. If the put their middle fingers together they can create portals. But in creating portals they are out of commission; mostly asleep for 24+ hours. Portal Keepers are generally male; it’s just the way it is… they’re mostly born male. Also, they can transport-hop from place to place but it usually takes 2-3 hours of meditation to get their energy back up.
Their use in the capture and transport of ‘Bad’ Soldiers is in opening portals; generally Portal Keepers will close our world’s side. But of course, ‘Bad’ (or ‘Good’ for that matter) Shaman’s can open them.


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  1. Interesting read,Good layout. Definately for the thinkers amongst us.

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